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logoZonafied Family Networks L.L.C. is a family owned and operated online media network. The president and owner is Amy J. Kinnaird. Senior Developer and I.T. Specialist is Willard J. Manley. The name Zonafied is and acranym for the words arizona and unified simply meaning ariZONA's uniFIED family networks. The name was created in 2003 at the creating and untimely demize of zonafied records which ended at the end of 2005. 

Zonafied Family is the parent company to Niodin Interactive, Proficient Marketing, KNIN 85.5, AmyKinns Custom Designs, Niodin Music Networks, Niodin Social Media, and the Niodin Streaming Media Networks. Many guest surveys have been conducted on what the general public really wanted to do or see online. The end result wast the creation of the Niodin InterActive Portal.

Niodin Interactive:

Niodin InterActive was created in winter of 2008 by Will Manley. For the next five years, Will continued developing Niodin while working two (2) full time jobs. In the beginning, it was more of a local what to do network in his home town of Phoenix, Arizona and in his spare time between jobs, was adding new features and ideas to the network not really knowing or having a firm direction or concept. When demonstrating his network to  a few friends he caught the attention of Amy Kinnaird whom was interested in the entire concept. After meeting and discussing some ideas, Amy decided to bank roll the entire operation and became the networks President and C.F.O. With the new funding, Will was able to build the network with the design concepts from Amy Kinnaird to create the ultimate world portal called Niodin InterActive. Niodin InterActive is a whole new way of using social media. It gives users not only access to entertainment and friends, but allows them to actually create their own unique portals.

The Internet On Steroids:

Thanks to the announcement of google fiber, the internet will soon be the sole choice for communications. Zonafied Family is creating a lacar that will allow users to find and use all of their internet needs on one network. Shopping, entertainment, video calls, news and information all in one place. That's our goal. We hope to see you there.....


Zonafied Family Networks L.L.C.


Open Source Network For All Developers

Niodin LCARS

The developement of Niodin Lcars is open to anyone who wants to Developerscontribute to the design and funtionality of the Lcars. Developers are welcome to .

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